What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Let me preface by saying that my wife and I are both pharmacists, so we can appreciate what the world of pharmacy is all about. PureCare Pharmacy is what real pharmacy is about. This isn't CVS or Rite Aid style pharmacy where nobody wants to even interact with you and the store makes money by selling you lotto tickets. These guys are clinical pharmacists who intend to really add value to your life by treating you like a human and being a healthcare resource. The pharmacist I met, Randa, was one of the owners and is incredibly kind. Their daughter was in there too and it felt like a real family business. Really hope this place gets the credit it deserves."

"The cleanliness, care, commitment, and cost are what makes this pharmacy as my number one place to go!!! Thank you for being in the community!"

"Fantastic pharmacy and services!"

"Mina the pharmacist is so good! This is the best pharmacy in Carmel Valley. They're so helpful and we're able to fill medications so quickly. I had an issue with my prescription from my doctor and they went out of their way to rectify the issue. Stream less dealing with my insurance and great customer service. Highly recommended!!!"

"Great people and great service!"

"PureCare offers quality service, which included competent pharmacists who take the time to explain everything to the patient."

"I was visiting family members and needed some meds for my allergies. PureCare Pharmacy was conveniently very close by, I stopped in and the pharmacist, Mina, was able to help me get exactly what I needed. I talked to Mina for a while about some of the supplements that they had, he was very knowledgeable and explained some things about the vitamins and supplements that I was very confused about while doing research online. Mina was able to simply explain the differences between the brands to me. I loved the look of the place, very modern and very clean. Although Mina knew that I was just visiting and will not be a regular customer of his, I was very impressed with the amount of time and care he took in speaking/explaining things to me. Thank you Mina!"

"I noticed this place after leaving work. I was looking for pharmacy to transfer my prescriptions, I got tired of waiting in line forever and getting absolutely no help from the big chain pharmacies. The place is brand new and nice inside. The pharmacist was really friendly and helpful. It feels like they really care. I will now only use PureCare. I'm glad I found this place."

"This gem of a pharmacy recently opened up in our area, so I decided to give it a try. From the first step in the door, I really liked the fact that it was spotless. The place has got a modern and clean feel to it, and it's great how convenient it is. Most importantly, I was treated very kindly and respectfully by the pharmacist. She was super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable, and I was in and out within a few minutes. Will definitely be getting my prescriptions filled here from now on!"

"I came in and spoke with their pharmacist, Randa, who is also the owner along with her husband. She was very pleasant and showed us around their pharmacy. It looks very modern and has a clean layout. I spoke with her about some of the medications I was taking, and she seemed very knowledgeable in the short conversation we had. I plan to transfer my prescriptions over very soon. The location is very convenient for the Carmel Valley area and parking issues are non-existent. I look forward to getting the personal pharmacist experience I want that other pharmacies are unable to provide."

"Fantastic local pharmacy!"

You can help PureCare Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Facebook, Google, and Yelp - thank you!